Uśī Aḍavu

Meaning : Off beat

Mandala: Aramandi ,Stanaka and Swastika

Hasta’s : Katakamukha , Alapadma , Tripataka, Kapita

Solkattu: Dhi   Tai   Dhi Tai  Dhi  Tai  Dhi  Tai

Other names include Rangakramana ( to cover space) and Periya(a big step,covering a large distance)
Several different floor patterns include straight lines , diagonal lines
and circles

This adavu is a series of off-beat steps spanning the stage and cover larger
areas in variuos floor patterns . It is also done in self circles too. Usi adavu
has emphasis on second beat

There are two variations

1) Starting position is Aramandi.On the first beat jump on the balls of both feet
Second beat is to side, turned out position. Third beat is one foot stepping
behind the other in Swastika position and this pattern continues until the 8th beat (when
performing in adi tala ) at which time the feet end joined in ayata

2) Starting in stanaka with a jump on both feet. On the first beat carrying the body
upwards. Second beat onwards as above