Jaru Aḍavu

Meaning : Jaru means to slide.  Body also makes a sweeping movement

Mandala :  Sthanaka

Hasta’s: Pataka , alapadma , katakamukha and murgashira

Solkattu: Tai  Ya  Tai  Hi  Tai  Ya Tai Hi

Other names are Jaru or Cil Adavu


Tai: Slide right foot along the floor

Ya: Join the left foot and bring it next to the right foot

Tai: Lift front part of the right foot

Hi: Bring back the right foot to sama pada with a small jump on the flat of both feet.

Repeat on left side.

Three different variations can be performed while performing the above movements

1) Using Pataka Hasta
– Moving to the sides

2) Using Alapadma Hasta
– Moving forwards
– Moving to the diagonal or sideways

3) Using Mrugashira Hasta
– Moving either backwards or diagonal or making 90 deg turn with prenkhana