Mei aḍavu

Meaning : Mei means body. To use the flexibility of the whole body

These adavus are collection of steps where the angas and upangas are used to rhythm. In this adavu, anga bramhari is also used.

Mandala’s: Sthanaka, Araimandi, Prenkhana and Muzhumandi

Hasta’s : Alapadma. Katakhamukha, Pataka, Tripataka, Tamarachuda, Dola

Solkattu : Based on the jati

  1. Side or diagonal stretch

From Sama pada, move the right foot back with left leg in prenkhana. Lean back

Both hands in Tripataka, right arm diagonally up and left arm diagonally down, open the Tripataka to face up as you stretch back.

Lift left leg and move back while right leg goes into prenkhana. Lean back. Left arm up and right arm down diagonally in Tripataka as above.

2. Anga bramhari

Stand in sthanka, sama pada. Left arm stretched out with pataka hasta turned up. Right hand in front of chest in tamarachuda.

Do anga bramhari from left to right.